Whether Conservative or Liberal, across the full spectrum of political diversity we have the same concerns – and can find mutual agreement to solutions.

“We the people of the United States are the government. The purpose of this website is to help us come together to find common ground and send a unified mandate to our congress on issues which we agree on – common ground issues such as stopping the erosion of our constitutional rights, and getting the money and corruption out of politics.

We all share the same concerns for our children’s future. Because of this deep concern we are motivated to find the resources necessary to identify what is fact and what is misinformation, to consider the merits of workable plans that both ‘left and right’ would find agreeable rather than engage in deadlock.

We cannot afford to treat each other with contempt or any form of disrespect. This is a site for depth of thought and consideration to work on what it will take to have a rational, compassionate government that works for the vast amount of the American public – what is our common ground that we can move forward on?

The issues are all interrelated and complex, but, our heritage is one of people just like you and I who took up the challenges of their day and worked together as Americans. If we will to understand the root of our problems and seek to find their solution (beyond political rhetoric and sound bytes) we can prevail with a strong America in every way.”

 — Web site administrator Linda Sturgeon, April 23, 2012 – “This website is my way of trying to help people constructively work together – take what you like and leave the rest.  The site is in a constant state of building and rebuilding; thanks for your patience with what it is.”